May 30, 2015

Samoa Joe on his storied independent career, coming to NXT and his plans for the future

Samoa Joe recently spoke to WWE's website about his arrival at NXT, getting into wrestling, Ring of Honor, Seth Rollins, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and more. Below are a few highlights:

WWE.COM: You’ve been in some independent locker rooms lately. What’s the reputation NXT has outside of WWE?

JOE: The reputation NXT has is hard to describe. It’s this newness, there’s a tremendous hype to it. People are seeing the leaps and bounds that are being made with the types of talent filtering through NXT. Like the women, I watched one of the best matches I’ve seen all year with Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks [at NXT TakeOver: Unstoppable]. There’s a lot of hype and I know a lot of guys now on the indies would like to see themselves in NXT. They don’t view it as a B-level, AAA ball club. They see it as an exciting place that people are talking about and love the matches coming out of NXT.

WWE.COM: Is there anyone else [besides Kevin Owens] in NXT you have your eye on?

JOE: Absolutely. Finn Bálor is someone I’ve had experience with. I helped start the New Japan Dojo in Los Angeles. I remember seeing him and what he was able to do. And now, he’s No. 1 contender, so if it’s not going to be Kevin, it’s going to be [Bálor]. Tyler Breeze is a tremendous athlete, but he’s far too pretty. It bugs me. Eventually, when he comes back, Hideo Itami, too. We’ve locked up over the years and had our fair share of wars. I’m more than happy to have another with him. There are a lot of unresolved personal issues there. Hopefully, we can get into the ring and sort them out.

WWE.COM: Beyond the NXT Title, do you have any other goals in WWE?

JOE: At some time, I would love to make a trip up to the main roster and wreak my brand of havoc. So many people I’ve come up with have succeeded in WWE. Though I thought the opportunity would never present itself, I’m here now. I’m in the best shape of my career and I’m more than happy to fulfill the destiny that has eluded me for far too long, and that’s to be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Full interview

May 29, 2015

This Day In Wrestling History: NXT Takeover Is Born

Today is the one year anniversary of the first ever NXT Takeover live event on the WWE Network. Charlotte defeated Natalya in an incredible match to become the new NXT Women’s Championship, and Andrian Neville successfully defended the NXT Championship against Tyson Kidd in the main event.

Natalya took to Instagram to comment on her excellent, critically acclaimed match with Charlotte for the NXT Women’s Championship.

Instagram @natbynature:

One year ago today I had a “WrestleMania moment” in front of 400 people in Winter Park, Florida. Everything I’ve ever learned from The Dungeon in Calgary, training in Japan, wrestling in England & of course WWE Developmental, were put to the test. All of the places I traveled to wrestling for very little money (OK 8 loonies) and sometimes very small crowds (9 people in Cold Lake, Alberta anyone? AND wearing a hideous fuchsia singlet my uncle Ross designed for me) proved to be invaluable experiences preparing me for a ‘moment’ like this. (I’ll save the rest of the sob stories, because we all have them across the board! Cry me a river and then get over it!) It was all worth it to be given the opportunity we were given at #NXT. We were afforded the TIME, the HYPE and most importantly the RESPECT of serious women athletes. It was surreal and unforgettable. And I wish so much I could experience more of this. That is a dream I have: That EVERY girl I work with, who has a real passion for this, gets a chance to paint their own masterpiece in the ring and feel on top of the world. 
#TBT to when @charlottewwe vs. @natbynature stole the show at the first ever #NXTTakeOver! Watch us now on the Award-Winning #WWENetwork!

Kevin Owens Talks Developing A Relationship With Triple H, Importance Of John Cena Match, RAW Debut

The Whig has a good interview with Kevin Owens, who talked about facing John Cena at Elimination Chamber this Sunday. Below are a few highlights:

Debuting on RAW a couple of weeks ago:

"It felt great. It was a surreal moment. Really surreal. (It was) something I've waited for for so long."

Working with Triple H:

"I feel like I've developed a bit of a relationship with Hunter throughout these last few months. It goes beyond the ring. We'll talk about our kids, we'll talk about life. He's very good to me. To have him take time out of a very busy day, he's busy on Raw, and he took the time to tell me to just make sure you are who you are. And I know that's kind of the advice he gives everyone, but to hear it from him, it really means something because 'Make sure you stay who you are' means that who I am, he's got faith in. That's a big thing."

How big his match with John Cena is this Sunday at Elimination Chamber:

"There's no denying how big it is. There's not a whole lot of people that walk into WWE, show up on Raw, lay out the top guy in the industry for the last 10 years and get to wrestle him two weeks later at a major event like Elimination Chamber, but I get to do that. That will literally never be taken away from me, no matter what happens from here on out."

May 27, 2015

More on ROH Airing on Destination America

-TNA talent was not informed of the deal between D.A. and ROH and found out like everyone else, when the news broke online.

-So far as we know, TNA officials (possibly including Dixie Carter) were not aware there was a deal happening between D.A. and ROH. The two sides coming to terms had very little, if nothing, to do with TNA and whether or not the network plans to continue running Impact Wrestling past September.

-D.A. has syndicated broadcasting rights of the already existing Ring of Honor TV series. That means it will be the same show that airs on syndication all around the country on Friday or Saturday (depending on where you live). That being said, ROH will maintain their syndicated programming through Sinclair and their affiliates, so they aren’t trading one network for another. This is a matter of getting the TV show into a few major networks they had trouble penetrating before, most notably Chicago, Philadelphia, New York and Los Angeles.

-The status of Samoa Joe is uncertain. He was scheduled to work ROH TV dates in the future, but it’s believed WWE allowed him to work anywhere as long as it was not for a rival television network. With ROH on Sinclair this wasn’t a problem, but D.A. makes them a national TV show, which could mean they have to go back to the negotiating table, or that Joe would have to make a long-term decision one way or the other.

-Wade Keller is reporting that there is potential down the line for D.A. to air first-run ROH content at some point in the future.

-With syndication and a national TV deal, plus PPV and IPPV and on-demand through their website, it’s very possible Ring of Honor will take over as the #2 promotion in the U.S. just in terms of viewership and TV ratings. Whether or not they’ll beat the two-hour Impact show remains to be seen (although it’s incredibly unlikely at the start, as TNA has a more established national presence), but it’s the combination of everything that puts them over the top.

-Destination America wants pro wrestling on their network. The entire reason there was talks about them dropping TNA – and it may very well still happen in September – is that Impact is expensive to run. Pro wrestling ad rates are through the roof, and many advertisers just don’t like wrestling, period. WWE was in a similar situation with USA Network, who is now trying to better promote them across all of NBC, basically by pushing them as celebrities and not pro wrestlers. ROH gives D.A. an incredibly inexpensive pro wrestling brand and, unlike Impact, they aren’t responsible for the vast majority of their financial backing.

-ROH may end up airing as both a lead-in and a follow-up, meaning they would replay the show directly before and after Impact every week. So basically ROH ratings would help Impact, and Impact would help ROH.

News On Today's TNA Conference Call

We noted before via that TNA officials said they couldn't address the Destination America reports during today's conference call with talents. However, TNA President Dixie Carter did tell the company that TNA has a good relationship with Destination America. This has also been confirmed by

Dixie added that they are planning for 2016 but would not comment on reports of Destination America having an "out clause" in September due to legal advice. Dixie did add that out clauses in TV deals are common.

The call reportedly went over 90 minutes with Dixie giving a 10 minute introduction. Talents spoke for about 30 minutes and needless to say, there were some angry talents on the call.

'The Four Horsewomen' of NXT: Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Bayley and Becky Lynch on how they're changing women's wrestling

If you’ve watched WWE NXT any time in the past year (and you really should be watching WWE NXT), you’ve likely noticed something: The women’s division is really damn good.

Bolstered by out-of-nowhere performances by the likes of NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks and more, the ladies of NXT have blown up to main-level attractions under the guidance of WWE COO Triple H. As NXT TakeOver: Unstoppable approached, and just hours before Sasha and Ric Flair progeny Charlotte main-evented NXT’s first Live Event in Philadelphia, Charlotte, Sasha, Bayley and Becky Lynch sat down for a roundtable interview with The division’s “Four Horsewomen” opened up on how they got to where they are, where they see themselves going (hint: WrestleMania) and why someday they’ll tell the boys to “Follow that.”

So without further ado, sit back and enjoy some straight shooting from the show-stealin’, wheelin’-dealin’, high-flyin’, revolutionizin’, hug-givin’, match-winnin’ and (onetime) Irish-jiggin’ women — key word — of NXT. Click here.

Ring Of Honor Wrestling To Broadcast On Destination America In June

Ring of Honor Wrestling has announced that they will be broadcasting on Destination America beginning on June 3rd. Destination America themselves later confirmed this news and stated that ROH Wrestilng episodes would air before episodes of TNA Impact Wrestling. is reporting that the deal between ROH Wrestling and Destination America is, in fact, a national broadcast deal. They also report that the two parties have been in talks "for the past few months" and that their deal has nothing to do with the apparent situation going on between the network and TNA Wrestling.

Furthermore, it is also being reported that the episodes of ROH Wrestling that will air on Destination America will be the ones that are both owned and distributed by the Sinclair Broadcasting company. It appears that what will happen is that the episodes will air first on Sinclair-owned networks over the weekend before being broadcast on Wednesdays on Destination America. It is also being reported that ROH Wrestling will air every week on Destination America at least through the end of this year, though it could end up being longer than that.

Destination America has also issued the following press release about the deal with ROH Wrestling:


(Silver Spring, Md.) –Destination America announced today that it has signed a national broadcast deal with professional wrestling league RING OF HONOR, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc., bringing one of the most respected wrestling organizations to the only network dedicated to all-American entertainment. Destination America is now the one-two-punch to professional wrestling, adding RING OF HONOR (ROH) to its line-up after launching IMPACT WRESTLING in early 2015. RING OF HONOR has been delivering top wrestling matches for ten years with captivating hard-hitting stars such as Jay & Mark Briscoe, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, The Young Bucks, Maria Kanellis, Adam Cole and Jay Lethal. Destination America will pack on the action beginning Wednesday June 3 with the series premiere of RING OF HONOR at 8/7c leading into brand new premieres of IMPACT WRESTLING at 9/8c.

"With the electric and intense matches that RING OF HONOR provides, Destination America is the network for fans to get an entire evening of jaw-dropping entertainment on Wednesday nights," said Marc Etkind, general manager of Destination America. "RING OF HONOR showcases tenacity, athleticism and passion and it serves as the place where America's favorite wrestling stars are born."

"We are very excited to be partnering with Destination America for the broader distribution of the ROH programming," commented Joe Koff, Chief Operating Officer - Ring of Honor Wrestling. "ROH will now reach an additional 57 million households including those in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia and other large cities where Ring of Honor is not currently airing. ROH has a loyal fan base and is one of the fastest growing major wrestling franchises in the country. With this great partnership with Destination America, we can continue to expand our footprint and reach while producing entertaining, original content and continuing to provide wrestling fans some of the best wrestling content available.

RING OF HONOR will premiere on Wednesday, June 3 leading into IMPACT WRESTLING, making Destination America the home for wrestling every Wednesday evening. The first match will feature the Briscoe Brothers, Mark and Jay, as they face off with the House of Truth in the main event. Also catch athletes of New Japan Pro Wrestling battle it out with the RING OF HONOR stars and follow former NFL lineman Moose compete against BJ Whitmer.

Since launching in 2012, Destination America has become one of cable's top fastest-growing networks, and continues to earn telecast ratings records among key series. In 2015 to date, Destination America has acquired over 50 million unique viewers. With top series that explore unique American cultures and ways of life – including Paranormal Survivor, Hillbilly Blood, Buying the Bayou, and BBQ Pitmasters – Destination America's programming spans the nation from Alaska, Hawaii and Colorado to Louisiana, West Virginia and communities in between. To find Destination America, go to

May 26, 2015

WWE NXT to take over Monster Energy AFTERSHOCK 2015

The monsters of rock will meet the monsters of the ring, as the Superstars and Divas of WWE NXT are ready to bring their hard-hitting, in-your-face brand of sports-entertainment to the fourth annual Monster Energy AFTERSHOCK Festival in Sacramento, Calif., on October 24 and 25, 2015!

For the first time ever, AFTERSHOCK will feature live, in-ring matches with NXT Superstars and Divas like Finn Bálor, NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks, NXT Tag Team Champions Blake & Murphy, Charlotte, Bayley, Baron Corbin and more, alongside a star-studded lineup of the biggest names in hard rock, alternative and metal. The festival lineup includes Slipknot, Faith No More, Deftones, Shinedown, Jane’s Addiction, Marilyn Manson, Coheed & Cambria, Stone Temple Pilots, Breaking Benjamin, Eagles of Death Metal and many more!

NXT has grown into one of the hottest brands in sports-entertainment over the past two years, thanks to the high octane action it presents every Wednesday on the award-winning WWE Network. The Superstars and Divas of Tomorrow have also taken their show on the road, packing 5,000 fans into San Jose State University’s Event Center for an unforgettable, sold-out Live Event during WrestleMania 31 Week, as well as buzzworthy shows in Philadelphia and Albany, N.Y.

It will be no different when WWE NXT takes over Monster Energy AFTERSHOCK 2015, October 24 and 25 at Gibson Ranch, just outside of Sacramento, Calif. Ticket pre-sales begin Wednesday, May 27 at 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT. Public on-sale starts Friday, May 29 at 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT. All tickets will be available at Don’t miss your chance to see NXT live, up close and personal!

WWE discontinuing WWE App's second screen for Raw, SmackDown and WWE Network events


For the past three years, the WWE App has offered an award-winning, best-in-class second-screen experience, complete with exclusive interviews and match continuation footage, dedicated backstage photography and live voting that allowed the WWE Universe to change the course of our weekly programming. WWE fans were connected to Raw, SmackDown and monthly special events on the WWE Network like never before, as we strived to provide an unprecedented – and immensely interactive – way to watch TV.

However, in this ever-changing digital landscape, more and more fans are turning to alternate ways to consume our content during programming. As such, and to keep pace with evolving times, WWE is discontinuing its second-screen experiences for Raw, SmackDown and monthly special events on WWE Network, effective May 28, 2015, following SmackDown.

Instead, your "second-screen" experience will continue to live on the platform of your choice, whether it’s, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Periscope and many others. WWE is steadfastly committed to delivering multimedia-rich companion content how you want it, where you want it.

Thank you for tapping into the WWE App’s second screen, and prepare for WWE’s new and evolved interactive entertainment.

May 25, 2015

WWE Tough Enough App Available For Download

The official WWE Tough Enough app is now available to download from the App Store and Google Play.

The device allows fans to view audition videos and share them on social media.

The app will serve as a second-screen experience on Tuesday nights during Tough Enough, similar to what WWE Raw does with their second-screen experience.

Fans will be able to stream exclusive content that’s synchronized to the TV show, tweet the Tough Enough coaches, receive live results, view highlights and photos and breaking news.

Joey Styles Says NXT Is Like ECW

A fan on Twitter wrote WWE's Joey Styles and said pro wrestling hasn't been good since the original ECW days, which Styles obviously played a big role in. Styles replied and said WWE NXT is very much like the original ECW, but without the mindless bloody violence. Styles also replied to another fan who said mindless bloody violence is a good thing. Below are his tweets:

Ric Flair Talks Wanting To See Triple H In The Ring More, If He Will Return As A Manager, More

WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair spoke to Tom Feaheny about his UK tour, his thoughts on WWE talent, his daughter Charlotte's current run in NXT and more. Below are some highlights:

Returning to the WWE as a wrestler:

"Physically I am more than able to return I don't think that's going to happen, Vincent Kennedy McMahon does not have me on the roster."

Returning to the WWE as a manager:

"I would love that I have been waiting on that for two years, but I don't anticipate that happening now, I understand that they have so many young guys, people they want to get established. I have no problem with it, but I don't think it will happen."

His daughter wrestling in NXT:

"I think she is going to be one of the biggest stars in the female division... I don't miss one of her matches, if I'm not there in person I am watching her on the network."

Triple H's role in WWE and NXT:

"I personally wish he was in the ring more because he is such a great performer. It's hard to maintain that edge when you are working part-time, I think he is doing a phenomenal job on a personal note, NXT is his baby and he has a lot to say about Raw and Smackdown and he is doing a great job, when you wrestle part-time the chances of injury can happen much easier."

May 24, 2015

Rumor Mill - WWE Planting Seeds for HHH vs Seth Rollins

According to The Wrestling Observer, WWE is planting seeds for a possible Seth Rollins vs Triple H feud somewhere down the line. During the “Architect of a Dream” segment on Raw last week, Triple H saying saying he sees a reflection of himself in Seth Rollins was to help setup the feud, as well as Rollins doing the Pedigree at Payback.

May 23, 2015

What The TNA Talent Has Been Told About The Cancellation Rumors

According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the TNA roster has been told that the company will respond to cancellation rumors at the next set of television tapings, which are currently scheduled for June 24th through the 28th. TNA has four full days of Impact Wrestling tapings during that period, in addition to the Slammiversary pay-per-view. Neither Destination America, nor Discovery Network has commented on the status of Impact Wrestling or the cancellation reports.

May 21, 2015

Former WWE Superstar Calls On Other Wrestlers to Join His Class Action Lawsuit Against WWE

Former WWE and WCW star Big Vito LoGrasso, who filed a class action lawsuit against WWE in January with former WWE developmental talent Adam Mercer, is asking for other wrestlers to join the suit against WWE. He wrote the following on Facebook:


I know all have there view points on this lawsuit. But, if you never stick up for your self, you never know what can be and what cant.If you were in DEEP SOUTH and OVW as a developmental talent, you also have rights. If you have problems and think you need help, Please join the lawsuit I am in litigation in. If you have medical records, you are positively ahead of the game. IF YOU WERE A ENHANCEMENT TALENT IN THE WWF, you also qualify. If you think you are irritating the WWE and think if you join, you will ruin your chances, the bussiness has changed guys, if they have not called you in 5 years, they are not calling you. This is a chance for benefits , the same as in the NFL lawsuit. No one knew, but a Billion dollars divided up for the guys who put there time in and have some issues, now have relief. I am standing up for myself, and all of you. I was never a follower always a leader. So follow me guys and join. I hope the internet guys post this to there sites, TMZ . The WWE will definitely see this and to know that I will be going on TV soon in a tell all, is just proof that you gotta believe in you and the sacrafices you made in life. As you know, you had to be tuff, never say your hurt, if you were , you lost your spot. There are some good people and some WWE HOFers involved and signed on as well. I hope this post makes it back to the right people. I will be heard and know one thing, I dont bullshit and I speak the truth, when the truth comes out, it isnt a very nice place. Here is the name of the lawyer, his name is Bill Kyros , his number is 1 617 833 3727. Call him and tell him I sent you. Good luck guys and join the fight for rights you deserve. This is a brotherhood that we all seem to have forgotten about.

Rumor Mill - Stephanie McMahon And Triple H Reportedly Working On Changing How Women In WWE Are Featured

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are said to be big proponents of changing the way women in WWE are featured. Apparently this is very much based on Stephanie's influence and the success UFC has had with Ronda Rousey.

It's said that the two aren't UFC fans but are fans of Rousey and her recent Sports Illustrated cover was another sign to them that times have changed and it's a different era. At the same time, it was said to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Vince McMahon still sees women in the role that they're currently in on WWE's main roster.

Changes Being Made to “Total Divas” Cast & Time Slot

The following promotional material has been issued by E! for the upcoming season of “Total Divas”, signaling possible cast changes and a new time slot for the show:

“Total Divas” – Tuesday, July 7 at 9:00pm ET/PT

Returning in its fourth season, E!, WWE®and Bunim-Murray Productions continue their look inside the lives of the women of the sports entertainment giant. Cameras once again showcase the professional and personal lives of the WWE Divas: The Bella Twins™(Nikki and Brie Bella), Natalya™ (Nattie), Naomi™, Alicia Fox™, Paige™, and Eva Marie™. Between balancing family, maintaining romantic relationships and constantly fighting for the spotlight, the Divas are up against the odds. However, their unique lifestyles bring them together in a bond of sisterhood like no other.

TNA Issues Official Statement Responding to Report of Destination America Canceling TNA Programming

As noted, Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer reported this week that Destination America will be canceling TNA programming effective this September. In response to this report, TNA has issued the following statement:

Statement from TNA Regarding IMPACT WRESTLING

It has come to our attention that several internet news sources have falsely attributed statements to TNA, its executives and broadcasting partner. These false statements constitute defamation and if necessary we will seek all legal remedies available to us.

May 20, 2015

WWE NXT Takeover: Unstoppable Results

Samoa Joe Makes WWE Debut at NXT Takeover

Samoa Joe made his shocking WWE debut at NXT Takeover: Unstoppable.

During the show’s main event, NXT Champion Kevin Owens brutally assaulted challenger Sami Zayn following a pop-up powerbomb on the ring apron. Medics and officials tended to the fallen Superstar, but the champion continues his assault for several minutes, including a knee to the back of the head and a barrage of stiff right hands.

When Owens attempted to beating back into the ring, NXT General Manager William Regal rushed down and physically attempted to stop him, but was thrown from the fray and the assault continued. When a steel chair was brought into the ring, Samoa Joe made his surprise entrance from the locker room and backed down the 265-pound champion, allowing medics to finally check on an unconscious Sami Zayn.

Rumor Mill - Destination America Cancelling Impact Wrestling

According to Dave Meltzer of and the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Destination America is going to cancel TNA Impact Wrestling programming, following reports the network was disappointed with the wrestling company’s ratings.

It was recently reported that Destination America had an ‘out clause’ of their deal with TNA in September, and they would be moving Impact Wrestling from Friday nights to Wednesday nights. It was believed that the move was in order to try and get the show better ratings, this is apparently not the case.

Meltzer wrote:

“Just days before the move was announced, Destination America made the decision to cancel TNA Wrestling, with the time frame given at the end of the third quarter (roughly the last week of September, when the current television season ends). Key people at the Discovery Channel network were informed of the decision at that point.

The word internally was that while they considered the ratings good, the ratings were not good enough to justify the cost of the programming. The other problem was that so many regular station advertisers specifically did not want to advertise on the show.

It should be noted that when the word was sent out, it was stated specifically that TNA would remain on Friday nights, with original episodes, until that point, and informing people for the fall season plans for Friday nights. Just days later, they were moved to Wednesday.

The decision was meant to be kept secret, very much like Spike kept secret publicly last year its decision to drop TNA for months after the decision was made and reported. It doesn’t serve the station or the promotion any good to publicly cancel the show this far in advance. The public acknowledgment was expected to come around the time the station listed its 2015-16 television season prime time lineup with the launch of up front advertising.

Those who were informed of the cancellation have not been told at this point anything different several days after the change of date was announced. But things obviously have changed, at least to the degree of moving days. So this story is very much ongoing.”

Rumor Mill - Eric Bischoff Suing TNA, Alleging Missed And Late Payments, TNA Responds, More Details

According to Eric Bischoff, his son Garett and business partner Jason Hervey have filed a lawsuit against TNA for breach of contract. reports that the suit was filed on May 15th in Davidson County, Tennessee and claims that the company owes them $114,500.02.

The report says that Eric Bischoff and Hervey are listed under their production company, and are alleging that they were hired on a "pay or play" deal. They, and Garett say that TNA paid them on time until the end of September, and that Bischoff-Hervey Entertainment informed TNA of a breach in the contract on November 4th due to a failure to pay in October. A second notice was issued on November 24th. TNA eventually paid $101,500 before 2015, but the company is still looking for the same amount for the last three months of their contract, which expired on March 31st.

Garett Bischoff was a part of the company's first deal with the company before signing his own contract with TNA on October 24th. His contract included $2,166.67 monthly on what was called a "pay or play" deal, in addition to $500 for paid performances. His deal also expired on March 21st and claims that TNA still owes him over $13,000.

TNA supposedly issued a response on January 12th, claiming that they had paid Bischoff-Hervey in full, which Bischoff-Hervey disagreed with. Bischoff-Hervey's attorney Bryan Lewis told TNA's attorney, "When the money was sent, you did not make it clear whether it was in connection with the settlement offer that was on the table or a reinstatement by TNA," reads the letter from Lewis. "TNA did not make a request that Bischoff-Hervey perform services when the money was sent. Bischoff-Hervery Entertainment stands ready, willing, and able to perform under the agreement in the event TNA is reinstating that agreement."

May 19, 2015

The Rock Strongly Considering A Return To The Ring At WrestleMania 32

The Rock was recently interviewed by to promote his upcoming film San Andreas. He revealed that he is strongly considering a return to the ring at AT&T Stadium, in front of more than 100,000 fans, in Texas for WrestleMania 32.

“Myself, Vince, Triple H have talked about creating something that is amazing,” said Johnson. “Any time for me, going back into the WWE, especially if it’s a match – and these guys know this because of the open dialogue between me and Triple H – the question is, can we create, in terms of a promotional scale for the fans, something better than what we did in Miami and back-to-back in New York with John Cena? Can we put together something that’s different but equally, if not more, exciting? So there’s a lot of elements involved that we continue to talk about and chop up. That’s the coolest part about the relationship I have with the McMahons, including Triple H.”

He added:

“Look, the platform is there,” said Johnson. “You have Dallas and could set an attendance record, so that’s the first goal. And then what is the match that allows us to do that? I’ve had incredible matches with Triple H, so I’m not ruling it out, but I’m not saying it is going to happen.

“We continue to talk about it, and we’re still shooting each other text messages. He sent me a message from Dallas that said, ‘This could be us. The record is ours.’ So we’ll see.”

Click here to read the full interview.

Triple H NXT Media Call Recap: Sami Zayn And Hideo Itami Update, NXT Touring Plans, Samoa Joe, More

* Triple H apologizes for his voice and says "with a nose like mine, changing allergy zones three times" is a bad thing.

* HHH puts over Charlotte and Sasha Banks headlining an NXT live event last week. He wants them to change the perception of what women do in the industry.

* The NXT tours will continue. He's looking at festival touring and some international shows as well. He wants NXT to be a full brand by next year.

* HHH thanked ESPN and Jeremy Schapp. He said he hopes that they can work together more, or produce more of those for the Network.

* Sami Zayn has been cleared, an will compete.

* HHH thinks Becky/Sasha could steal the show.

* Matt Bloom has been promoted to permanent head coach at NXT. Sara Del Rey is assistant head coach now.

* Sara Del Rey is still working as a road agent as well.

* He already considers NXT an additional brand. He wants to find what's best suited for NXT. Things that work on the main roster may not work in NXT.

* Triple H wants NXT on the road 3 days a week by 2016. He wants NXT to have a two-tour function eventually. He doesn't want to lose the homegrown fans in Flordia, either.

* Triple H doesn't care if someone has indy experience or not, but having experience helps.

* He doesn't know if NXT will become a cable TV show. He's happy where they are on the WWE Network. Triple H sees NXT as a selling point for the Network, too.

* Hideo Itami will be represented, but will not be wrestling tomorrow night.

* While NXT is a third brand, it's still there to get people ready for the main roster, Triple H says. He says the best problem he can have is Vince calling him in the middle of a hot angle and asking for that star.

* Triple H says that there are several talents in NXT ready for the main roster, but there aren't spots for them, or else they'd be there.

* HHH says WWE developmental is a young man's game. He says it takes a while for them to get talent up to speed.

* Triple H says he likes Ring of Honor and Dragon Gate. He says he's not trying to make NXT a direct competition to them. He wants to make the best roster that he can. He thinks if NXT's business grows, so will RoH's. He said he'd love to help support ROH and grow.

* Triple H says there are talents that said they turned down NXT deals for ROH. He says they haven't spoken to those talents on any level.

* Triple H says he wanted to make NXT an individual brand from day 1, but didn't tell anyone that.

* Triple H thinks Samoa Joe is a phenomenal talent. Says he was at the performance center a month or two ago. He doesn't know if they'll do business. He said they only spoke for about five minutes, and it was mostly pleasantries.

* He says there are plenty of talents that won't make it on the main roster, and gimmicks that won't work on the main roster.

* Vince McMahon doesn't see all of NXT. Triple H shows him bits and pieces.

* HHH doesn't see Cena going anywhere. He thinks it's great that Cena is confident enough to give younger stars a time to shine. Time pushes people to move to different roles.

* Someone asks about Emma. Triple H says it's more than possible for her to get back in the title picture.

* Triple H says Vince McMahon was blown away by the NXT show WrestleMania weekend. Triple H didn't know Vince would be there until last minute. McMahon messaged him and said he'd be there. Triple H said that several WWE executives came and were impressed, and wanted to do more with it.

* Triple H puts over the progress of Sami Zayn working without a mask and Baron Corbin.

* There aren't plans of an all-female NXT show or special, but it could happen.

* Nothing in NXT was by accident. He had a vision for this.

* The majority of the fans dictate what they do.

New Head Coach and Assistant Head Coach named for NXT, WWE's developmental system

WWE today announced that Matt Bloom has been promoted to Head Coach of WWE’s developmental system, NXT, and Sara Amato has been promoted to NXT’s Assistant Head Coach. Bloom previously held the position of Interim Head Coach and Amato was previously an Assistant Coach.

Bloom, a former WWE Superstar and Intercontinental Champion, made his WWE debut in 1999 as Prince Albert. After an eight-year stint in Japan, Bloom returned to WWE in 2012 as WWE Superstar Tensai. Bloom retired from in-ring action in 2014 and was named an NXT Assistant Coach, working at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Fla., where he also spent time as a color commentator for NXT programming on WWE Network. He was named NXT’s Interim Head Coach in March 2015.

Amato joined WWE in 2012 as Sara Del Rey after spending more than a decade working on the independent circuit. Since then, she has been responsible for training, creating and developing some of the most athletic, charismatic and confident Divas, including current WWE Divas Paige, Summer Rae and Emma, as well as NXT Divas Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Bayley, Alexa Bliss, Becky Lynch and Carmella. In addition to coaching at the WWE Performance Center, Amato will also work with WWE Superstars and Divas on the main roster as both a producer and agent.

"I have the utmost confidence in Matt and Sara’s ability to train and lead the next generation of Superstars and Divas at the WWE Performance Center," said Paul "Triple H" Levesque, WWE Executive Vice President, Talent, Live Events & Creative. "With each having more than 15 years of experience in the business, Matt and Sara will continue to be invaluable resources to our developmental system. The trust and respect that they have gained throughout the years by both our talent and training staff puts NXT in a great position for future success."

"It is truly an honor to be named the Head Coach of NXT and play a key role in creating and developing the WWE Superstars and Divas of the future," said Bloom. "I look forward to continuing my role in training and coaching the incredibly talented roster we have at the WWE Performance Center."

"This is a dream come true for me,” said Amato. “I’m so proud to be given the opportunity to train and lead the aspiring talent at the WWE Performance Center as we continue to expand the NXT brand globally."

WWE Signs Former ROH Champion, Details on His Role in the Company

According to, WWE has finally signed former Ring of Honor Champion “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce to a contract. Pearce will be a trainer and producer, and will work out of the WWE Performance Center in Orlando.

Pearce has worked as a producer and trainer for WWE numerous times in the past, and has worked a couple of the live WWE NXT Network specials, but it wasn’t until recently that Pearce officially signed with WWE.

May 17, 2015

Watch Stone Cold Podcast Live! with special guest Paul Heyman, June 1 on the WWE Network

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin will host his live Stone Cold Podcast on Monday, June 1, immediately following Raw, in a no-holds barred interview with special guest Paul Heyman on the award-winning WWE Network.

What will happen when two of WWE's most controversial and outspoken figures set the record straight in an anything-goes interview? What questions will the Texas Rattlesnake ask the Advocate to former WWE World Heayweight Champion Brock Lesnar? And what does Heyman have to say about his client's last few months, including losing the title at WrestleMania 31 to Seth Rollins? Don't miss this electric encounter, live on WWE Network.

The must-see interview is the latest in "Stone Cold's" popular podcast series on WWE Network. If the WWE Hall of Famer's previous live interviews with Vince McMahon and Triple H are any indication, Austin's upcoming sitdown with Heyman will be a revealing encounter.

Finn Balor's Triple H Impression

May 15, 2015

Triple H's Bedford, NH Home Up For Sale

Paul Michael Levesque, better known as Hunter Hearst Helmsley or Triple H, has put his Bedford home on the market for $1.1 million. Levesque’s stately, modern home is located at 84 Meetinghouse Road and boasts 6,330 square feet of living space on 4.54 acres with a secure, gated entry. The property includes four bedrooms, six bathrooms, a five-car garage, commercial appliances and custom cabinets in the kitchen and a lighted tennis court.

The home is listed by Kathy Phair Alexander of the Bean Group. Click the link for lots more photos.

WWE Studios Announces $35 Million Revolving Credit Facility With Bank Of America Merrill Lynch

Triple H Conducting NXT Takeover Conference Call

As he usually does, Triple H will be conducting an NXT Takeover: Unstoppable conference call on Tuesday morning.

TNA Announces Move to Wednesday Night for Impact Wrestling

Destination America’s IMPACT WRESTLING, will make a permanent move to Wednesday nights at 9/8c beginning Wednesday, June 3rd. The mid-week knockout premiere will kick off with stellar matches showcasing America’s favorite wrestlers.

The tag teams will head to epic battles with The Wolves and the Dirty Heels competing in match three of the Best of 5 Series on their quest to capture the vacated TNA Tag Team Titles, and The Rising and the BDC are at war battling it out in a six-man tag team matchup. TNA World Champion Kurt Angle will compete in the main event and the Knockouts will be in action featuring the Dollhouse and Brooke.

Tonight, IMPACT WRESTLING continues its premieres with Hardcore War at 9/8c on Destination America.

While Kurt Angle defeated Eric Young to retain the TNA World Title last week, the feud continues as Young and Angle form teams to compete in a 10-man tag match where each participatant can bring a weapon of choice to the ring. Austin Aries and Bobby Roode, the Dirty Heels, will face The Wolves, with a returning Eddie Edwards, in the first of a Best of 5 Series for the TNA Tag Team Titles. The Dollhouse, Marti Bell and Jade, take on Brooke and Rebel in tag team Knockouts action. Ethan Carter III also continues his “EC3 for Champ” campaign and the BroMans return to find out what the future has in store for Jessie, Robbie E and DJ Z.

IMPACT WRESTLING premieres Hardcore War tonight at 9/8c with the permanent switch to Wednesday nights starting June 3rd only on Destination America!

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