April 17, 2014

The Kliq Members Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Sean Waltman and HBK Discuss the MSG Curtain Call Incident

WWE.com has posted a new interview up with Kliq members Kevin Nash, Sean Waltman, Shawn Michaels and Scott Hall. The interview was conducted during the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony, and below are some highlights of the interview, which focuses on the famous MSG Curtain Call incident in 1996. Click here.

April 16, 2014

Major Network Expected to Make Play for Renee Young

ESPN is expected to make a major play for Renee Young soon. She has impressed a lot of the networks with her smoothness in her work with WWE since coming from The Score.

Triple H Reportedly Suffers Injury at WrestleMania

Triple H suffered some kind of muscle injury in the match with Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania XXX, which is why his leg was taped up the next night on RAW. The only thing being said is that there was noticeable bruising from a muscle injury.

Ultimate Warrior’s Wife Dana Issues Statement on the Death of Her Husband, Thanks WWE Stars for Raw Tribute

The official WWE website posted the following touching letter from The Ultimate Warrior's wife Dana today:

Dearest Warriors,

It is with an absolutely broken heart I reach out to you. Since the passing of my husband, I have been fortunate enough to insulate my sweet girls and myself from the outside world. In this bubble we have grieved and continue to do so. For a week, I did not allow any television or media to seep through our cocoon. I was told, though, of the outpouring of love for my beloved husband and support for, as he always called us, his Warrior Girls. I can only say thank you.

On Sunday night, I was told WWE would pay tribute to Warrior and so I set the DVR planning to watch it when we were ready. As the hour neared, I broke resolve and turned on every TV in the house to full blast and snuggled our daughters close to me on the couch, unsure what we would see. As the scene unfolded with that amazing roster of talent gathered donning Ultimate Warrior shirts and even his face paint, we cheered and sobbed simultaneously. To everyone who stood there, thank you. My girls will remember your bowed heads for the rest of their lives. You are not just Superstars; you are super people.

I cannot put words to what that video tribute meant. We watched it multiple times and, this morning, it was how I started my day; mornings are the hardest for me. I will treasure that song and those images more than anything I own. Vindication. ULTIMATE PERFECTION.

I was told it was reported WWE was "there" for us. "There" is the understatement of a lifetime. They were a warm blanket to us three and we were quickly absorbed into their family. Words are cheap; promises are forever. This family is one I'm honored to be a member of and will gladly be the warm blanket to any of them who need me next.

My husband's speech had so many highlights for me as I sat proudly in the audience looking on at his moment ... I most loved his request for the Hall of Fame to include the, as he called them, "true Superstars," those behind-the-scenes people who make the machine run. See, I'm the person who puts up the ring in our house. I'm the background person who makes things happen seamlessly. I am surrounded by performers in my husband and children, so I felt a kinship with all the people he wanted to shine a spotlight upon who make WWE work. He loved you all, and knew that each of you made his run there possible. Thank you!

To all the ULTIMATE WARRIOR fans: THANK YOU!! He told me when he shook the ropes it was him gathering strength from each of you. Warrior respected you and loved you as do the girls and I. I will reach out to the ropes for your strength to sustain me in the sad days that the girls and I face. UNWAVERING is what you've been. GRATEFUL is what we are.

The Undertaker and I have a lot more in common than you might think. You see, I had a bit of a streak of my own going for the last 20 years. Yes, Warrior and I would have matches of our own ... He would yell, I would cry, he would submit, I would win - always. My quivering chin and "pooched" lip was always more powerful than any clothesline or gorilla press slam. He'd laugh and shake his head and say,"you win, Pooch," but really we both did.

My streak was broken April 8, 2014 when he collapsed. I fought and screamed and cried for him not to leave me, but I wasn't to win this round. Heaven won and I lost, but I had the ULTIMATE love for 20 years and my children learned to be Warriors from THE ULTIMATE DAD. I wouldn't trade a moment of the life we shared, good or bad, for anything on God's green earth. He is the love of my life and gave me the gift of our beautiful, sweet, amazing girls. He was loyal and kind and strong and brave. He taught me to live by his creed,"Live Strong, Act Bold, Be Brave. Nothing's too hard to do, ALWAYS BELIEVE," and with that creed I will carry on and make him proud.

Streaks are broken but legends live forever.

Always Believe,

Dana A. Warrior

In lieu of donations to the family or flowers please make a donation to our wounded veterans and their families at www.operationfamilyfund.org. Our brave servicemen and women are our true warriors.

Hart Family Member Calls WrestleMania XXX Opener the Greatest In History, Praises Triple H

Smith Hart, uncle of WWE diva Natalya Neidhart and member of the legendary Hart family dynasty, has published a new column at PWMania.com. Hart gives his thoughts and reaction to WWE WrestleMania XXX. Here is an excerpt from his entry:

"As the pyrotechnics subsided the 75000+ were ignited immediately with the sounds of Hulk Hogan entering the Silverdome….ugh I mean Superdome. As Hulk stumbled to remember where he was, the crowd exploded as the glass shattered and the faithful were finally treated to the very first Hulk Hogan-Steve Austin face-to-face “showdown”. Despite fan’s hopeful anticipation of a good ole fashioned ass-whuppin’, the mood immediately shifted as Stone Cold Steve Austin engaged the audience in some jubilant laughter and a respective retrospect of the Immortal Hulk Hogan’s Wrestlemania legacy. As the two blew smoke up each other’s asses, the audience busted out of their seats as The Rock entered the Superdome and cut a promo for the ages proving once and for all, even amongst the Mount Rushmore of WWE, The Rock stood supreme. As the three greatest icons in history held court in the ring, not only were we treated to a WM moment, I would argue we were treated to the single greatest opening in the history of the grandest event in Sports Entertainment.

As I expected, Daniel Bryan and Triple H initiated the event. I would say that in terms of spectacle, Hunter`s Game of Thrones-influenced promenade was the top entrance of the evening, even eclipsing that of The Undertaker. This match was perhaps the best match to start the evening as it set a great pace without overshadowing anything later to come. Furthermore, Hunter did an amazing job creating “heat” on Daniel Bryan to give the fans the appropriate emotional reactions as to whether or not their faithful hero would in fact move on to the main event that evening."

April 15, 2014

WWE to be part of new AOL Premium Video Experience

AOL.com announced a new Premium Video Experience today and listed WWE among the premium content providers. Other providers listed includes ESPN, E!, HSN, Vanity Fair, The Wall Street Journal, Vogue and many more.

Record 1 Million U.S. Households Watch WrestleMania

WWE® (NYSE: WWE) today announced that WrestleMania 30 reached a record 1 million households in the U.S. alone on WWE Network and pay-per-view combined, the first time WrestleMania has eclipsed this mark domestically. With more than 667,000 WWE Network subscribers in the U.S. and nearly 400,000 domestic pay-per-view buying homes for WrestleMania 30, WWE is confident that it will reach its goal of 1 million subscribers by the end of 2014.

WWE Network launched on February 24 in the U.S. and successfully streamed six hours of live coverage of WrestleMania 30 on Sunday, April 6. Additionally, more than 7.1 million hours of video content was viewed on WWE Network during WrestleMania Week from Tuesday, April 1 through Tuesday, April 8.

WWE Network will be rolled out in Canada, the U.K., Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong and the Nordics in late 2014/early 2015.

Evolution Reunites On Raw

2014 WWE Business Partner Summit Presentation

During WrestleMania Week, WWE presented the company's strategic plans at its annual Business Partner Summit.

Highlights from the Summit, found in the video above, include an introduction by WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, special appearances by WrestleMania 30 host Hulk Hogan and WWE Superstar John Cena, and a discussion from senior executives about key growth areas.

WWE's senior management team spoke about these plans and highlighted the following:

"Then, Now, and Forever" - Recent Accomplishments, Immediate Plans for 2014, and the Future Where WWE is Poised For Success (Michelle Wilson, Chief Revenue & Marketing Officer & George Barrios, Chief Strategy & Financial Officer)

30 Years of WrestleMania, Brand Reach and WWE's Dedication to Community (Stephanie McMahon, Chief Brand Officer)

WWE Studio's Strategy, Extension & Successes, Partnerships and Movie Slate for 2014-2015 (Michael Luisi, President, WWE Studios)

International Growth, Reach & Partnerships (Gerrit Meier, Executive Vice President, International)

New Consumer Products (Casey Collins, Executive Vice President, Consumer Products)

Technological Innovations - WWE Network, WWE App, and Social Media Command Center (Perkins Miller, Executive Vice President, Digital Media)

The video can be viewed here.

April 14, 2014

WWE Is Entering a New Era Under Triple H's Leadership

How Triple H & Vince McMahon Handle The IWC On TV

According to PWInsider.com, Triple H is said to be very open to the idea of referencing the IWC and its fans on TV through creative and the way angles are booked, whereas Vince McMahon's M.O. has always been to ignore the internet.

April 13, 2014

Total Divas Recap 4/13/14

Ellen’s Interview with WWE Star Nominated for GLAAD Award

The episode of "The Ellen Degeneres Show" featuring an interview with WWE star Darren Young has been nominated for Outstanding Talk Show episode at this year's GLAAD Media Awards.

There will be a ceremony taking place for the awards on May 3rd in New York City.

April 12, 2014

Rumor Mill - WWE Reforming Former Stable To Take On The Shield?

The word going around backstage is that WWE will be reforming Evolution with Triple H, Randy Orton, and Dave Batista, at least for a short time, to take on The Shield. Ric Flair is not expected to return to the group but that could change.

If this does end up happening, look for a Shield vs. Evolution match to take place at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view.

source: wrestling observer

Ultimate Warrior's Widow Receiving Special Help From WWE

The WWE is helping Ultimate Warrior's wife cope with her husband's sudden death ... flying two senior WWE officials to Arizona to stand by and help her.

We're told the WWE sent the employees almost immediately after Warrior died ... their main task is helping his wife Dana handle little things -- grocery shopping, letting other family members know what's going on -- so she can focus on being with their daughters.

It's sounds bizarre ... top officials leaving their jobs to handle mundane chores, but that's how important Warrior was to the WWE.

As we previously reported, Warrior died outside an Arizona hotel Tuesday ... after suffering what officials called a "catastrophic medical event."

source: tmz.com

WWE to pay tribute to Ultimate Warrior on 4/14 RAW

WWE would be paying tribute to the late Ultimate Warrior on this Monday's 4/13 WWE RAW from Indianapolis. Warrior (Jim Hellwig) passed away on Tuesday after collapsing in an Arizona hotel after taking part in Wrestlemania 30 weekend in New Orleans and his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame.

April 10, 2014

Rumor Mill - More NXT Stars Getting Called Up

After Bo Dallas and Adam Rose come up to WWE's main roster, the next NXT stars in line to come up are Sami Zayn and NXT Tag Team Champions The Ascension.

No More WWE PPV?

With the launch of the WWE Network, the company will no longer be using the term "pay-per-view" when referring to their monthly events. Instead, WWE will be phasing out "PPV" and calling the shows "Special Events" instead. With each "Special Event" now factored into the price of the WWE Network, and the future of actual television pay-per-view in question, the new direction seems appropriate given that the fans won't actually be paying specifically to watch them.

Stephanie McMahon & Triple H Taking Bigger Role Backstage

Although Vince McMahon is ultimately in charge still, F4WOnline.com is reporting that Stephanie McMahon and Triple H have been taking a much bigger role behind the scenes. They are certainly being viewed in more of a leadership role than ever before.

The report goes on to state that Hunter and Stephanie had a ton of control during WrestleMania 30, in terms of booking. And while Vince won't be stepping down anytime soon, there is a feeling internally that WWE is going through a transitional period backstage.

“The Icon” Sting Signs Contract With WWE

After months – if not years – of speculation and rumor, Dave Metlzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that WCW legend and former TNA wrestler Steve "Sting" Borden has signed a contract with World Wrestling Entertainment. Sting's new deal will include television time, but at present it is unknown when "The Icon" will make his on-screen debut, and how frequently he will be used.

Reports coming in prior to WrestleMania XXX called for Sting to face The Undertaker in some kind of match, most likely at next year's WrestleMania in Santa Clara, CA. However, following the Deadman's now-infamous loss to Brock Lesnar this past weekend, that match-up seems more unlikely. There was a rumor going around earlier this year of WWE bringing Sting in as an authority figure on Monday Night Raw, similar to "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Mick Foley, Bret Hart and many others being used as general managers, commissioners, etc.

Sting made his last televised appearance for TNA Wrestling at January's Genesis live special edition of Impact Wrestling on Spike TV, prior to his contract with the company expiring. His signing with WWE could be seen as a major deal, as Sting is well known for being the last wrestling legend of the modern era, who has never worked for Vince McMahon.

source: wrestlezone.com

Wrestling Columnist Posts "Memo To Nancy Grace"

Source: PWInsider.com

Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com has posted a piece entitled Memo to Nancy Grace, Crusading Wrestling Journalist that we wanted to share with all of you:

Dear Nancy Grace,

Thank you for the insightful piece on your CNN Headline News series yesterday on the Ultimate Warrior. I know with the fine journalistic standards you have set for yourself, the facts would certainly be at the forefront of this sad, tragic story.

After all, watching your segment last night, I learned:

*Warrior was found dead.

*There are allegations of "illegal steroid and drug use" in his passing.

*Warrior was a "top WWE Superstar" at the time of his passing.

*Warrior collapsed at his hotel while walking to his car with his wife (Hey....wait a minute, didn't you just say he was found dead?)

*Lots of wrestlers have died young, with implications of drug use - including wrestlers like Mark Curtis (stomach cancer), Owen Hart (fall to his death), Brady Boone (car accident), Joey Marella (actually a referee, car accident), Chris Candido (blood clot following surgery) and DJ Peterson (motorcycle wreck).

*That you have no idea what the term "catastrophic medical event" could mean.

*That you don't recognize Diamond Dallas Page when he's not "half-naked."

*That "not everyone" used steroids back in the day, because you never used them.

*That Warrior was referred to as "Ultimate"....well, at least by you.

Thank you so much for the fine upstanding research your team does on your show. Not since the days where your show told me that Chris Benoit may have committed murder because he was upset that he was demoted from the Four Horsemen to ECW and that wrestling fans looked up to "The Grunge" have we seen such hard-hitting, insightful mainstream media work on professional wrestling and those who populate that unique genre.

This incredible attention to detail and journalistic ethics brings me nothing but confidence that every other story you present will be conveyed to your viewers with the same incredible reporting. Your credibility speaks for itself.


Mike Johnson

Diamond Dallas Page Issues Statement On Nancy Grace Show Appearance

Diamond Dallas Page has issued the following statement regarding his appearance on Wednesday night's Nancy Grace show on CNN:

"I went on Nancy Grace last night expecting to discuss Warrior the man. Had I known the only topic discussed would be steroids I would not have participated. At the time I was also unaware of the list that was shown to the viewing audience. To imply that all of the wrestlers on that list died from steroids was wrong and for that they owe the families an apology. Again, my only intention was to discuss Warrior the man and share some stories about how dedicated he was to the wrestling business. I am saddened that was not what happened and my thoughts remain with his family. - DDP"

As previously reported, Grace repeatedly insinuated that Warrior's death was caused by steroid use, and she also provided a list of wrestling talent that she claimed had died as a result of steroid use. Some of those talent included Owen Hart, Joey Marella, Brian Hildebrand, and others who had actually died of other causes. Wrestling fans have been in an uproar since Grace's show and her comments Wednesday night, and a Change.org petition has also been launched by a fan calling for CNN to remove Grace from their network because of her coverage of Warrior's death, as well as her incorrect statements.

Recap of DDP on Nancy Grace Tonight; DDP Praises WWE’s Wellness Policy Amidst Grace’s Attempts to Link Warrior’s Death to “Steroids & Drugs”

Former WWE star Diamond Dallas Page appeared on Nancy Grace tonight to speak on the death of the Ultimate Warrior.

Grace began with the news recap of Warrior's death, then continued to reiterate an overly-dramatic subliminal message throughout the segment that "rumors of steroid and drug use are swirling" in the case of Ultimate Warrior's death.

To my knowledge, there hasn't been a single media outlet that has linked steroid or drug use to the sudden death of Ultimate Warrior.

Grace brought a doctor onto the show to discuss the long term effects anabolic steroids have on your body, and the lasting problems they can cause even if you've stopped using them long ago. This was clearly Grace's indirect way to blame Warrior's past steroid use (which he has admitted to) for his death yesterday.

At one point in the segment, she listed numerous pro wrestling names who have died young, and attempted to group them into the same "steroid" umbrella that she was using against Warrior, even if some of the names she mentioned had never been linked to steroid use.

DDP talked briefly about wrestlers using steroids in the past, but praised WWE's Wellness Policy for getting guys like Scott Hall and Jake Roberts the help they needed to get their lives back on track following their past drug use.

Grace continued to reiterate "rumors of steroid and drug use are swirling," and then introduced a correspondent who spoke on the "catastrophic medical condition" Warrior suffered yesterday. Grace asked for clarification of the phrase "catastrophic medical condition," but the correspondent said nothing else is known at this time. She did mention most people believe the cause of Warrior's death to be a heart attack, but those details remain unconfirmed.

DDP mentioned Warrior's vigorous workout habits, and noted he was a very intense man, but added he is not a doctor, and cannot speak to the truth of any drug or steroid related causes of Warrior's death.

The segment closed with Grace reiterating, for the hundredth time, "rumors of steroid and drug use are swirling," and at this point she's said it so many times she has to be the person who started the rumors, and is continuing to "swirl" them.

April 9, 2014

Triple H Talks to ESPN About The Ultimate Warrior's Death and His Return to the Company

Who Does Voiceovers for WM Rewind?

The man doing voiceovers on WWE Network's WrestleMania Rewind show is former New York Mets and current Baltimore Orioles announcer Gary Thorne. He appeared on WFAN's Beningo and Roberts Show this morning and said he had no connection to WWE before they called his agent to see if he was available to work on the Rewind show. He also said he was a fan of the "Killer Kowalski and Bruno Sammartino years."

Triple H Is That Damned Good

More on Shawn Merriman to WWE

t was revealed on the latest JBL & Cole Radio Show that WWE has signed former NFL star Shawne Merriman to a deal. He will be working at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, likely in some kind of training role. Merriman worked some of the WWE Network panels during WrestleMania weekend and was at the Superstars For Kids party.

Ultimate Warrior Passes Away

From WWE.com:

WWE is shocked and deeply saddened to learn of the passing of one of the most iconic WWE Superstars ever, The Ultimate Warrior.

Warrior began his WWE career in 1987 and quickly went on to become one of the biggest stars in WWE history. Warrior became WWE Champion at WrestleMania VI, defeating Hulk Hogan in an epic encounter.

We are grateful that just days ago, Warrior had the opportunity to take his rightful place in the WWE Hall of Fame and was also able to appear at WrestleMania 30 and Monday Night Raw to address his legions of fans. WWE sends its sincere condolences to Warrior’s family, friends and fans.

Warrior was 54 and is survived by his wife Dana and his two daughters.

From TMZ.com:

Officials tell TMZ ... Warrior collapsed outside an Arizona hotel at 5:50 PM on April 8th ... while walking to his car with his wife.

Warrior was transported to a nearby hospital ... where he was pronounced dead.

April 8, 2014

Latest on Shawne Merriman Appearing on the WWE Network

Shawne Merriman’s appearances on WWE Network could be part of something more. The company is high up on him and there’s been talk of offering him a position. There were erroneous reports last November that suggested Merriman had an in-ring tryout but he said he was merely visiting the WWE Performance Center.

WWE Takes Home Shorty Awards

WWE took home three awards at the 6th annual Shorty Awards, which recognize the year's best achievements in social media. WWE won awards for the Best Branded Mobile App, Best YouTube Channel and Best Use of Social Media in Sports.

In the highly competitive Branded Mobile App category, WWE beat MTV, VH1, Nike, Visa, Bleacher Report, Bravo, Comedy Central and others.

April 7, 2014

NXT Women’s Champion Paige def. AJ Lee to become the new Divas Champion

Facts are this: AJ has beaten every Diva that has lined up to face her on the main roster, and it would take a challenger from a wholly unexpected place to throw the Divas Champion off her game.

How about someone from NXT?

AJ’s post-WrestleMania “pipe bomb” left the WWE Universe smoldering when NXT Women’s Champion Paige made her first appearance on the main roster to offer up her congratulations to the self-proclaimed “Queen of the Divas Division.” AJ wasn’t all that appreciative and forced the newcomer into an impromptu match ... although her “post-WrestleMania treat” of a title defense turned sour very quickly when Paige reversed the Black Widow into her signature “Paige-Turner” to put AJ on the mat and claim the title for herself. Paige is now the youngest Divas Champion in history and holds both the Divas and NXT Women's title. Undisputed Divas Champion, anyone?

Vince McMahon Misses the WrestleMania XXX Main Event, More on The Undertaker's Streak

There were rumors among the talent backstage at WrestleMania XXX that The Undertaker was supposed to kick out or that the finish to his match with Brock Lesnar was botched but as we've noted, that's not the case. The finish was planned but was kept from people even very high up in WWE's marketing and production departments. WWE officials were very afraid of the finish leaking and it's said only a small circle of 4-6 people were aware.

Vince McMahon actually missed the WrestleMania main event and Daniel Bryan's big win because he left his post to ride with Taker to the hospital in the back of the ambulance. Vince left it up to Triple H and Stephanie McMahon to run the rest of the show, all while playing a role in the main event as well.

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